Case Study: Euklid – The Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence Powered Investment Bank

Euklid is a FinTech company that is disrupting the investment banking arena leveraging the potential of blockchain and artificial intelligence.

Founded in 2015 in Milan, Euklid aims to solve the low trust and
confidence in financial institutions from consumers by offering a unique solution by being a reliable alternative that can generate profits in a safe and transparent environment.

Euklid has three areas of business:

Euklid SRL: exploits the potential of Bitcoin, blockchain technology, and algorithms, all driven by Artificial Intelligence. Customers benefit from BTC/USD algo trading activities and the use of blockchain-related state-of-the-art technologies.

Long Short Equity Fund:  the technology combines elements of bio-computing, soft computing, and evolutionary computation to offer a Long-Short Equity Fund, which aims to outperform the market while maintaining a low level of risk thanks to a diversified portfolio including over 70 among the most liquid assets between indexes and stocks.

Hybrid Payment Institution: Euklid can implement and adopt innovations brought by single-service companies. 

The AI systems in Euklid is based on biocomputing, a science of maths, physics and biology. It performs computational calculations involving
storing, retrieving, and processing data. The learning progress is kept efficient and optimized through processes known as Swarm Intelligence, Neural Networks and Genetic Algorithms. 

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