Blockchain Technology for Healthy Oceans

The chemistry of the oceans is changing more rapidly than at any time in perhaps 300 million years, as the water absorbs anthropogenic greenhouse gases. The resulting ocean acidification and warming are leading to unprecedented damage to fish stocks and corals.

Some 8 million tonnes of plastic are predicted to enter the oceans each year. Plastics – and the toxins they often carry – accumulate in the food
chain and find their way into humans. Estimates suggest around 6,400 microplastics per year are ingested by the average European shellfish consumer.

Blockchain technology to save oceans.

  1. Fishing sustainability:

• Tracking fish provenance
• Monitoring of illegal fishing activities

2. Preventing pollution

• Incentivized ocean plastic recycling initiatives
• Transparent ledger for faster, safer, and more efficient shipping

3. Protecting habitats

• Decentralized and open-source ledger of ocean data

4.  Protecting species

• Fundraising for marine wildlife conservation

5. Impacts from climate change (including acidification)

• Real-time monitoring of ocean temperature and pH
• Incentivized collection of data on ocean conditions
• Incentivized investments in ocean conservation

Source: PwC

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