Blockchain Technology against Climate Change

Today’s greenhouse gas levels may be the highest in 3 million years. Changes in precipitation, extreme storms, rising sea levels, coastal inundation, and heatwaves directly affect people’s security, economic
well-being, and health. For instance, deaths caused by extreme heat in Europe could rise to 150,000 a year by 2100.

Blockchain has many uses cases in our battle against climate change:

  1. Clean Energy

• Peer-to-peer renewable energy-trading systems
• Crowdsale for renewable energy investment
• Optimized distributed grid management
• Authentication of renewable energy

2. Smart Transport System

  • Data ledger for optimized transport logistics
  •  Blockchain-based decentralized delivery networks
  •  Peer-to-peer vehicle sharing
  •  Smart parking system for optimized mobility management

3. Sustainable production and consumption

• Ledger for collection and verification of ESG data
• Soil properties data collation from distributed sensors
• Blockchain-powered platform for carbon offsetting
• Waste-to-energy blockchain solutions

4. Sustainable land use

• Blockchain-enabled sustainable mining
• Automation of data collection and management for better sustainability accounting
• Financing sustainable land use

5. Impacts from climate change (including acidification)

• Blockchain-based land, corporate, civil, and asset registries
• Citizen loyalty and reward platforms
• Decentralized voting platforms for climate action
• Secure paperless transactions

Source: World Economic Forum

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