Blockchain Technology for Clean Air

Around 91% of the world’s people live in places that fail to meet World Health Organization (WHO) air-quality guidelines. Around 7 million people die annually from exposure to air pollution – one death out of every eight globally.

Many countries suffer from grave air pollution issues. Blockchain technology can help us in the fight for clean air in the following ways:

  1. Filtering and capture:

• Air pollutant data collation from distributed sources
• Automated activation of air-filtration devices

2. Monitoring and Prevention

• Local and real-time monitoring of particulates and NO2
• Intelligent methane monitoring systems

3. Clean fuels

• Automated air-quality monitoring system
• Early detection of toxic chemical leaks

4. Early warning

• Cryptocurrency payments for EV public charging
• Enabling safe and reliable AV implementation

Source: PwC/World Economic Forum

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